Saying that a person should practice their essay writing skills in order to get better is not good advice. It is possible to practice your bad habits. What you really need to do is identify your errors and work on them repeatedly until you get into the habit of “not” making those errors. There are numerous other things you can do to hone your essay writing skills.

Learn how to touch type and do it a little every day to improve your typing speed. This will help you get your thoughts and points into words a little quicker. When you think about an essay problem, you will often have several ideas at once. The quicker you write them down then the less likely you are to forget them, which is why you should improve your writing speed. It also helps to prevent burnout because you get your work done in a shorter space of time.

Planning is the key to good essay writing. This is because it is a place where you can get your thoughts, ideas and research done in one place before starting your essay. You should work on two plans. Your first is a collection of ideas, thought, research and references you can revisit for further information later on. The second plan is a little like a skeleton essay. It is a foundation to your essay where you do not write sentences, but you arrange where your points are going to go and you add in notes on where to find more information when you need it later.

Keep track of what you are writing. That is why planning is so important because if you wish you can mark off the points you have added into your essay. That way you do not repeat the points you make and you do not miss out any points you want to make. Keeping track of what you are writing will make for a far better essay in the end.