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Writing Help- Professional Academic Assistance Services logoWriting Help in an online writing services company offering a wide variety of solutions from speeches or thesis papers and up to dissertations and electronic slide presentations. The writers deliver custom tailored academic papers, following closely your instructions.

Services offered

• Assignment writing- you have to select the type of paper required, and then discipline/main subject. Writing-Help allows clients to select the subject or discipline from a drop-down menu available when you are about to place your order.

• Coursework writing- the greatest majority of writing service providers do not offer Coursework writing as a specific type of service. Writing-Help includes Coursework writing as a separate type of service, charging different fees. Many companies include this type of writing on the same fee with essay writing.

• Dissertation writing- this is academic style writing and it is extremely important to choose a professional who holds a BA, Master’s or even PhD in the specific subject required

• Research paper writing- again, a very challenging type of writing which must be delivered by a highly skilled professional.

• Speech writing services- whenever you need to stand in front of an audience and deliver a perfect speech, you surely need the services of a skilled writer. Make sure to read carefully the speech paper you receive before using it

• Essay writing- writers deliver quality essays on the vastest majority of topics. The essays normally include citations, bibliograohy and editing work, but at Writing Help you might be charged different prices for each service.

• Thesis Writing- thesis writing is quite a daunting job taking up many months in a row. You can now shift at least part of this responsibility of writing a thesis into the hands of professional writers.

• Term paper writing- if you do not have time to perform thorough research for your term paper, you can now trust writers to perform the job for you.

Prices charged

Writing-Help charges prices according to academic level of work you desire. These levels include high school, Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral.

– High School writing tasks- For a deadline of 8 hrs. the price is $25 per page, for 24 hrs. is $22 while for a 3 day deadline the price is $16 per page. As the deadline extends, the prices get lower. For example, if you can allow a deadline of 11 to 14 days, the price is only $10 per page.

– Undergraduate (yrs.1 -2) writing services start at $31 per page for a deadline of 8 hours, and go at $13 per page for a deadline of 11 to 14 days. Writing-Help also charges different fees for writing work perform for 1st and 2nd year undergrads and 3th and 4th year undergraduates. Make sure to pay good attention when selecting the type of writing work required

– Doctoral writing services- these are the most expensive services offered, starting at $48 per page for a 24 hours turnaround, and getting only as cheap as $27 per page for a deadline of 11 to 14 days.

*extremely important to remember- prices do not contain Value Added Tax.

Discounts and Free Features

writing-help.сom small picWriting Help does not display on its website any discounts of free features for bulk writing work/special orders.

Customer Service

The greatest majority of writing service providers will offer a live chat in pop-up style. This way you can easily and quickly ask whatever you want to know about the services. Writing –Help has a more complex 24/7 chat system, where you need first to answer some questions and tell whether you are a visitor or a client. Only afterwards will you be redirected towards an assistant.