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This is a platform for everyone who is interested in essay writing services. Three volunteers have gathered to discuss all aspects of writing websites, their pros and cons. Our goal is to provide the audience with unbiased opinion on the topic of writing services. The site does not impose a single position: the audience of the website may have different opinions and views on the same aspects of the writing industry. Our task is to provide only facts based on our experience.
Each author publishes their reasonable opinion on writing services and talks about their own experience of using this or that site. We express our attitude essentially, present materials not relying on bad mood, personal hostility, or other reasons. That’s how it works.

This site is not a service, an online magazine, or newspaper. We do not strive for this, but present an objective opinion on writing services. We write about this industry with screenshots and other proofs to show you that our information is not empty words. After all, academic writing assistance is not about entertainment, but about students’ reputation and their academic performance.

We tell about everything useful and important for potential customers of such sites. The materials of our website include all necessary information about using writing services. We are talking about both big, well-known writing companies and small ones. In general, we write about everything that will allow you to make the right decision. We write for those who plan to use the services of writing sites. Our main audience is students who have writing problems. Most often, our readers are interested in prices, quality of writing assistance, and the ability of services to deliver papers on time.

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You can call us the experts in identifying good and bad services. It is in our interest to present reasoned reviews on the work of writing sites. Our texts are not overloaded with professional terms – they are written in simple language in order to be understandable to the widest possible readership. We believe that our main audience will be able to make the right decision after reading our information.

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We create and post reviews of writing companies located on the internet. Looking through our site is the most effective and secure method to find the required essay writing service review and make the right choice. An original and unique review is the most correct solution to help you understand what services should be avoided and what you should get help from.

Our reviews are created by authors who have used those writing services and provide comprehensive materials that fully reflect their essence and contain only relevant information. You can find the best essay writing service review platform on our site – you can choose the best writing company without any risks.

Ranking Company Rating Review
1 Essayshark review


10 EssayShark has worked successfully in the field of academic assistance for over 10 years. We consistently upgrade our goals to improve the quality of service we provide and to maximize customer satisfaction.


2 Answershark review


10 AnswerShark is one of the very few writing services to not disgust me at first sight. The main page looks nice, and the site is easy to navigate. The more I studied AnswerShark, the more reliable it seemed.


3 GPAlabs.com Review


9 GPALabs.com is a custom writing service that offers help to students with various homework assignments. The website was created in 2012 and offers a wide variety of writing services. Here you can order an essay, research paper, research proposal, etc.


4 Anonymous review


9 Respecting your anonymity, we understand that won’t gain your trust without sharing important details about our service and those who are behind it. So, let’s get acquainted!


5 essaybulls review


9 Essaybulls.com is a writing service offering quite a wide range of traditional academic services which includes essays, research papers, term papers, theses, reports, case studies; the service discourages you to pay for essay beforehand.



Assignmentshark logoAssignmentShark


AssignmentShark is a unique service offering students help with technical assignments from various spheres – from simple mathematics calculations to engineering and programming projects. Find out what services they provide and how the system works.



buyessay.org review



BuyEssay.org is a Cyprus-incorporated academic assistance company. Our team combines proficient writers and fast support assistants who can help you solve any problem with your school or college paper.


Our reviews will help you make a truly successful choice. In order to find the right writing service, go to the pages with our reviews. Do you know how many writing sites exist on the internet? We will be quite surprised if you know. More precisely, we will be surprised if someone knows. There are thousands of them, and we doubt that anyone has ever tried to count them.

However, it is useless, since the number of sites is constantly growing. More than 10 years have passed since the beginning of the appearance of the first writing sites, and all the time new ones appear. It is great that there are so many options for students. But at the same time, a large number creates difficulties, especially for those who are deciding to use writing services for the first time.

We review:

  • Prices
  • Testimonials
  • Writers
  • Services provided

How do you choose which of the many sites to use? One option might be just a random site selection, but this is not a particularly scientific or safe approach. And there is a chance that the site will be completely unsuitable for you. Or, worse, you may use an unreliable site that cannot be trusted. It is better to read our reviews of writing sites.

Unlike most of the reviews on the internet, our reviews are real, and not disguised advertising. We do not write trying to spread the wonders of a site; we give a balanced assessment of the possibilities offered by the service. We look at both the positive and negative aspects and go deep in detail.

How long does it take to write an online essay writing service review? An hour? Two hours? More? In fact, it takes less. There are a lot of reviews of writing sites on the internet and we are ready to bet that most of them are written in half an hour. If not less. No wonder they are not so good.

The truth is that most reviews of writing sites are essentially useless. They usually contain basic information that can be easily found on the site itself. What is worse, the information is often outdated. We meet a lot of reviews, which, quite obviously, were written a hundred years ago and never updated to reflect the changes. Usually, they write in detail what a cool site it is, and maybe even give a list of reasons why you need to use it. Our reviews are not the same! If you read at least one of them, you will be sure of this.