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99Papers Review: Why the Service Won’t Make You Happy

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Fitzgerald Abigale, abigale87

99Papers is a writing service that doesn’t know how to write decent papers. It simply can’t deliver papers to customers without shortcomings. In my 99Papers review, I will describe the work of this site, which brings dissatisfaction and forces customers to complain about the quality. Their work reminds us that there are lots of deceitful writing services. The main thing in my review is to emphasize their disadvantages.


Have you ever noticed that different writing services work with different approaches? I have reviewed several of them and have gotten acquainted with their positives and negatives, and today I will talk about a writing service called 99Papers. I have established that there are not many positive qualities to this site, so I will talk about the bad ones. I collected in my review of 99Papers all of their disadvantages, and at the same time, decided to remind you what kinds of writing services you should avoid.


Lots of customers have already used 99Papers. However, this service can not boast of uniqueness in the papers they deliver to clients. This is one of the worst things that you can face while using a writing service. Unfortunately, customers who have used this site complain about plagiarism in their papers. Many talk about this, and this is a sign telling you not use this service.

Money-back Guarantee

In this review for 99papers, it is important to mention a money-back option. The service offers such an option, but in reality, they refuse to refund money. So, if you are unhappy with the final paper, nobody will give your money back. I think it is important for writing services, as this makes customers feel safe. So, you need to find a service that cares about customers and provides a money-back guarantee.


It is important for customers to feel secure while using a writing service. Moreover, usually students don’t want anybody to know they have used a writing service. That’s why privacy and confidentiality are important features of a professional writing service. While using 99Papers, there is no guarantee that your personal information will be safe and not passed to third parties.

99Papers Prices Review

99Papers.com Prices Review

Prices play a major role in selecting a writing service. It looks like 99papers doesn’t care about the fact that their prices are too high. It’s important to remember that writing help shouldn’t cost much. Of course it is not the cheapest kind of service, but still, these prices are too high. So, if you don’t want to be squeezed for all of your money, find another writing site.


All students should submit their papers on time. Customers of 99papers note that very often they receive their papers after the deadline. Many complain that it is not possible to get their papers on time. You should be prepared to get your paper with a huge delay. Keeping in mind this fact, you may want to find a writing service that is able to deliver papers on time. I am confident that you will be able to find such a site.


It seems that for writers who work on 99papers, it is difficult to write decent papers. As soon as I received a paper from one of their writers, I saw that the writer didn’t follow the instructions. When I read further, the situation became more difficult. I saw lots of mistakes. If you order a paper here, it will most likely be written by an unprofessional writer.


Let’s talk about revisions in this review of 99Papers.com. I feel that free revisions are important for people who use writing services. When you receive a completed paper, you may not like something in it. Here’s what confused me: when I asked to have some parts of the essay rewritten and reminded the writer of my requirements, he couldn’t improve the paper properly. I don’t advise you to use this service. Not only will you receive a poorly written paper, but the writer also won’t do anything to make it better.


99Papers.com Testimonials Review

Somehow, they think that we’ll believe those testimonials on 99Papers. I am looking at those comments, and I understand that there is no such service that gets only positive feedback. You need to look for real testimonials on the Internet. You will see that in reality the service has received lots of negative comments from customers. Without thinking twice, I advise you to find another writing service.


A professional writing service should present lots of different samples on their site. Such samples allow us to understand how the writers deal with different topics and write papers. On 99Papers, there are only five samples on the related page. Moreover, each of the samples are not written in a good way. Probably, your paper will be written badly as well.


I have nothing positive to say about 99Papers. It is still unknown how they came to provide such low-level academic help. I can assume that it all started when they began to hire non-professional writers. I found that they write papers badly and don’t follow customers’ instructions. And all this has lead to a bad reputation among students. It is clear that this service is not a good option for you if you want to receive a well-written paper. I tried to find positive features of the site, but I couldn’t.

I rate the service 4 out of 10. 

5 thoughts on “99Papers.com Review

  1. I chose this service to help me with mky essay, but it was the worst decision in my life!!! These cheaters should be exposed and given away to censure!!!

  2. the essay I got from them made me laugh to tears, it seemed it was written by an illiterate child.

  3. Um…Damn, I’ll come around a bit, if you know that there are lots of reviews like this 99papers review, why do you still use such sites?????

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