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AustralianWritings Review – Read It before Choosing the Site

The website AustralianWritings is a writing service created to meet students’ needs. The service claims that students will receive quality papers here, but let’s find out whether this is true or not. Will the site succeed to beat out competitors and become an important part of the writing market ecosystem? I will try to answer this question in my Australian Writings review.

Online Reputation

AustralianWritings is a writing service whose main goal should be to help students with paper writing. The fact is that they can’t reach this goal. It is obvious, because on the internet, there are lots of negative AustralianWritings com reviews from unsatisfied customers. The writers who work there provide low-quality papers — this is why students don’t want to come back to them. Using this service will not give you a quality paper that can get a good grade. If you do not want to get a low grade, you need to avoid using this service — its reputation leaves a lot to be desired.


At first, it seems that the ordering system is easy to learn and does not require much time when you are making an order on the main page. Filling in this form will take several minutes. But when you click “Continue,” you will see that the ordering form is really quite big. You need to go through the following:

  • Contact information
  • Topic
  • Type of document
  • Urgency
  • Level

Beyond this, there is a bit more. It’s only a part of the order form:

Ordering - AustralianWritings

If you want to place an order quickly, this site is not suitable for you. You simply will waste your time here. I also believe that a customer should not have to include their phone number.


An important part of the site is the online chat with support staff. It is convenient to ask questions before you start using the site. I asked a question on whether I can choose the writer on the site, and the support member responded to me (the sad news is that you don’t have such an opportunity). What I don’t like is that they have only one phone number, and you can call only an Australian phone number. Though the site is called AustralianWritings, I recommend them to add phone numbers for customers from UK and USA.


When looking through the site, I found a page with samples. To tell the truth, the samples are of poor quality: they consist of several paragraphs, don’t have a references or works cited section, and look like they were written by an 8th grader without the proper writing skills. Thus, I do not recommend you to order papers there — it will be difficult for you to get a good grade with papers of such quality. I think it will be better even if you write your paper yourself than ordering it here.


Taking into account each AustralianWritings com review I have seen on their site, I can conclude that they are fake. It seems that the sole purpose of these testimonials is to demonstrate that this writing service likes to cheat. The site does not have truthful reviews, so you have to look for them on the internet. You probably know that there is no service which only is rated with five stars.

Testimonials - AustralianWriting


There is no special section in which all services are presented. Instead, you need to spend a long and tedious amount of time looking through the site in order to find what types of services they offer. Why do I mention that? The site is called AustralianWritings, not AustralianEssay, so I think that they should have a services page, as they probably offer a wide range of them, not just essay writing. If you want to know what products they offer, go down to the bottom of the site. Options are very few actually.


The blog of this site looks sad. You can see that there are no fresh articles — it seems they forgot about them. Also, I see that the articles presented here are not quite helpful. They don’t have fresh and interesting ideas, and pictures and texts are not properly structured. Looking at the blog, you only roughly understand how your paper will look if you decide to order there. If they don’t pay attention to their blog, it is likely they will not pay attention to your paper as well.


There is a separate page where you can look at prices. I see that prices are rather high. I have seen other writing services that offer help at more affordable prices. You can see that I am not joking if you simply visit the page with prices. I simply would not advise you to spend any money here, because the papers are poor. Use some other writing service where you can be sure you won’t get a bad paper at a high price.

Conclusion and Recommendations

AustralianWritings is a writing service which does not solve students’ writing problems. Considering each AustralianWritings review I have found from customers who used this site, the service does not cope with its purpose. The service should not be used if you aim to get a quality paper. It doesn’t offer professional writing help, and they do not really take care of customers’ needs. This site requires customers to have a large budget. So, if you want to get the best result from using a writing service, choose another option.

I rate this service 5 of 10.

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  1. I was a customer of this site and faced with a hige problem. I have used other services before and this one sent me the worst paper ever! I must admoit that their writers don’t know how to write good papers. For this quality, I don’t think I will use them again.

  2. I hate this service. The writer did an awful job. I’ll make sure my friends and I will never use this site.

  3. The paper was terrible and I needed a revision. It took them 2 days to make a revision and still the paper was not good at all.

  4. Thank you for this australianwritings com review! You saved me from cheaters! I heard about them before, but was not quite sure whether they are really xso bad. Now I know.

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