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BestCustomEssay Review: Revealing the Truth

BestCustomEssay is one of the worst writing sites to provide students with writing help. There are probably very few people who would more or less regularly surf the internet and never came across a writing service. This best custom essay writing services review was created to explain why this site is not a good option for you. It is not used by a wide audience of customers, and I will tell you why.

I do not even think that this service has many orders. It would seem that it is clear that the writing service is not professional when looking at it — what else can be said about it? But no, I can say more so that you don’t have to visit this site. The site is much worse than many other writing services. So, now that we have briefly dealt with the status of BestCustomEssay, let’s go to the review.

Revealing the Truth - BestCustomEssay


If you intend to order papers on a writing service, it is advisable to look at the site blog to get a clear understanding of how writers deal with papers (through the samples) and whether the site offers useful information (guides, lists of topics). If you go to the blog page of BestCustomEssay, you will see that there are no samples or guides, and the only thing that you can see is a few posts which were published in 2013. It seems that they don’t care about their site at all. I can say that the presentation of the site is at a low level. By choosing a writing service, you should always look at the blog — that will help you to make the right decision.


Prices - BestCustomEssay

For customers who have not used writing services before and who don’t know what the average prices are for their services, I should say that the prices are rather high here. There is a thing that is not quite understandable for me: the free features. Why are these FREE features presented with the prices for them? I just don’t understand this, and I believe a lot of customers will not get it as well.  I believe that the customer will be unpleasantly surprised after filling in the order form and finding out the price is higher because of extra fees.


At BestCustomEssay, there is a problem with the order form: you will just immediately see that it is quite huge, and will take lots of time to fill it in. It would be easier if they made the order form more convenient and less time-consuming. Also, I don’t like that the order form requires me to include my phone number — I don’t want to get calls, I just want to place an order and get my paper done. At this point, the service repels me, as they require too much personal information. By a combination of factors, the BestCustomEssay ordering system gets a solid 4 of 10.


Immediately, I noted the main thing: on BestCustomEssay, you can order almost any type of paper, from essays and reviews to huge dissertations. Before choosing this site, you should think whether its quality will suit you. Just know — it won’t. Of course, you can order anything, but according to best custom essay reviews, their papers are not written well. It is a very unpleasant fact that their writers write poor-quality papers. Each writing service should be able to offer papers of high quality at the customer’s disposal. But it’s not like that with BestCustomEssay. The quality of their services frankly has weak points.

Information about the Company

The key factor here is that there is no information on the site about the location of the company. For each customer, I think, it is important to know that the company has a legal address — this adds more credibility to it. Moreover, there is no possibility to know any information about the writers. I want to know that the writer who will work on my order is professional enough and has a good command of English. The absence of information allows me to think that the service hides something from their customers.


The site offers their customers to read through testimonials from customers. However, if you need truthful reviews, you can find them on the internet. After that, you will see that testimonials on the site are simply fake. The tons of negative reviews on unaffiliated websites help us to understand that BestCustomEssay is not a good option if you need professional writing help.

Money-Back Guarantee

The main thing that helps customers feel secure is a money-back guarantee. I haven’t found this option on the site. If you use this service, there is no guarantee that you will receive a paper you want, and there is no guarantee that you will get your money back if you don’t like the paper written by one of their writers.

Conclusion and Recommendations

BestCustomEssay is not attractive in most aspects. It has poor quality, its prices are not affordable, and there is no money-back guarantee. In addition, it doesn’t allow you to get any information about the company and its writers. One more reason not to use this site is the complexity of the ordering process. Students will not find the quality help they are looking for. Yes, it is difficult to find something good about this service. That’s why my advice is to try to find some other writing service.

My rating is 3 out of 10 for this site.

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  1. Terrible work. Very slow. Didn’t meet guidelines I needed. Moreover, the work wasn’t unique. I will definetely not use this service again. Can’t express enough how awful this service was.

  2. I had to correct punctuation errors and some phrases in the paper. I think I will not use it again.

  3. This service provided me with a bad quality work and didn’t reply to my question!!!!

  4. TERRIBLE JOB! I got a C for my paper! It’s no wonder there are so much bad best custom essay reviews.

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