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Review: How to Save Your Time and Money

Rating 1/10


  • 15% discount for the first order
  • 24/7 support


  • high prices
  • bad online reputation
  • poorly written samples

I never order papers from new writing services without googling everything about them. Of course, the internet is full of fake reviews, because every company wants to show its competitors in a bad light. However, I still can learn a lot about a website without relying on the reviews.

I recommend you not only to read this review, but also to check the facts that I’ll provide below. In such a way, you’ll make sure that the information in my Bestessays review is trustworthy, and also learn why you shouldn’t use this service.

I wanted to tell you as much as possible, but if you don’t have enough time, take a look at the most important sections: pricing policy, confidentiality and refund policies, and samples analysis. These sections will give you enough reasons not to use Bestessays ever.

Bestessays Review: The First Impression 6/10

A good first impression is the only thing that Bestessays really takes care of. The main page of the site is colorful and informative. You can find all the necessary categories easily and quickly. There is a pop-up window that informs you about the discount for the first-timers:

The First Impression -Bestessays

Then, you can find many ways to contact the service’s employees:

The Service’s Employees

Bestessays has convincing stats and benefits on the main page. It makes them look like a reliable service. Unfortunately, all the factors that I checked later indicated the contrary.

Bestessays Review: Pricing Policy 2/10

On the internet, I’ve seen many accusations from writers at Bestessays who say that they don’t get paid enough. It’s strange because the service has really high prices, and the writers are claimed to be  “MA/MS or PhD degree holders.”

Anyway, when I saw prices, I understood why Bestessays tries to attract customers with discounts and promo codes.

Pricing Policy - Bestessays

A five-page essay will cost you almost $120 even if you choose standard quality and the latest deadline. In addition to the high cost of the sample, the service also offers additional features, and some of them make no sense:

Error - Bestessays

In my opinion, a customer shouldn’t have to pay to get a proofread sample or helpful customer support. Plus, why should students pay for a plagiarism report if they want to make sure their paper is 100% original? The uniqueness of every work should be automatically guaranteed by the writing service for free!

There are two odd nuances that I also want to mention. Firstly, a choosing a UK writer or your preferred writer will cost you more than a random US writer. I don’t understand why the customer should pay for assigning the same writer if he or she likes to work with this specific expert. And why do UK writers get more money for their work? Some things remain mysteries to me.

Discount - Bestessays

Bestessays Review: Confidentiality and Refund Policies 2/10

When it comes to confidentiality and privacy, Bestessays isn’t the best option. Of course, they guarantee the total security of your personal data. But I don’t understand why they need anything besides your email. Bestessays requires to specify your name and phone number, and they don’t even explain the reason:

Confidentiality - Bestessays

I know that some writing services don’t even need your email, and here, you have to share all of your personal information – this seems suspicious to me.

Another concerning fact is that this service doesn’t give you a chance to return the money without their approval if something goes wrong. To place the order, you have to pay in advance, and there is no guarantee that you’ll like the assigned writer.

In any case, you’ll have to send a request and wait for the decision of “the Company.” Bestessays reserves the right to approve or deny any request.

Refund Policies

Bestessays Review: Website Bugs 1/10

In addition to all the madness, I’ve faced a few bugs while looking for the information on the Bestessays site. First of all, I couldn’t open any answer in the FAQ section, so it’s not my fault that I haven’t analyzed the responses more carefully. I couldn’t get to them!

Secondly, I couldn’t get additional information about “Extras,” as these tabs open and close in the blink of an eye!

Website Bugs - Bestessays

Bestessays Review: Samples Analysis 1/10

As you see, I’ve found enough fails to leave the Bestessays website and never come back. However, I wanted to check the quality of samples without placing the order and paying for it. Fortunately, I noticed the samples section, which must have been written by the Bestessays writers. At least, I assume that they have written them as there is no explanation on the page.

Anyway, I checked two samples using Grammarly. The results shocked me. I want to emphasize that the required academic level for these samples were PhD and master levels. And the simplest check with Grammarly has discovered 37 and 137 mistakes in these texts, respectively. As for me, I think that’s ridiculous.

Samples Analysis

Samples Analysis 2

Bestessays Review:  1/10

I had no reason to continue my research, as it was clear that Bestessays didn’t deserve my time or money. The last things I needed to check were the reviews and feedback on the internet. I’ve seen various comments, but the negative ones sounded more persuasive for me after what I’d seen on the website. Here are a few of them

Online Reputation - Bestessays

The internet also helped me to reveal one unpleasant truth about this company. Their slogan is “providing students with original papers since 1997.” Thanks to a free online tool, I’ve found out that the domain name “” was created on September 25, 2003.

The Domain Name

Why choose a false fact as a slogan? How can customers trust the service that posts lies even on the main page?

Bestessays Review: Conclusion

I don’t have anything else to say. Bestessays is the worst service that I’ve ever seen in my life. Of course, I don’t recommend using it. No way.

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  1. I’ve also found several bugs on the website. How can they deal with my programming assignments if they can’t manage to create a normal website???

  2. I paid these *ssholes $160 for a research paper. And it was delivered too late. I got 0 for this task. Don’t even wanna think how many mcchickens I could have got instead of paying to these scammers(((

  3. Obvious frauds. In another bestessays review, I’ve read that this company is actually based in Ukraine, not in the USA.

  4. I don’t have time to do my homework, but I’d rather have sleepless nights than F’s… I don’t think that writers from Africa who aren’t ENL experts can write a good Ph.D. paper.

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