Bid4Papers Review - The Exemplar Academic Writing Service Review

Bid4Papers Review: The Exemplar Academic Writing Service

Overall rating: 9/10

My experience with Bid4Papers was of genuine discovery and unprecedented proof of validity in the online writing enterprise. And the reason why I’m writing this Bid4Papers review is to argue that this sometimes edgy and shady industry does feature reliable businesses that can take over your academic duties in a professional way. Dealing with this company made my biased attitude toward writing organizations shift a lot — before Bid4Papers, I had encountered total disappointment in being a customer of two scam writing companies.

It was pretty natural that these experiences sowed the seeds of suspicion of the writing business in me. And now that I happened to try Bid4Papers, a company that drastically differs from those deceitful ones, I’m willing to let the world know about the bright side of the online writing niche represented by dignified businesses like Bid4Papers.

Overviewing Bid4Papers

Overviewing Bid4Papers Review

Bid4Papers is an academic writing company covering a wide range of services and implementing an inventive payment technology: a bidding system. Later in this review, I’m going to shed some light on this off-center method of writer-customer interaction. But for now, let’s get back to this superb service. With its history going back four years, Bid4Papers has managed to earn quite a favorable reputation in the enterprise and gain a significant image in the eyes of its clientele. The company’s success can also be accredited to its focus on the major cornerstones of a thriving business: loyalty to customers, a qualified writing team, and integrity.

What Is the Worth of the Order You Get?

Score: 9/10

As I stressed just a few lines ago, the company employs a team of professional writers. To be more specific, each of its writers holds an academic degree in their respective discipline and undergoes a strict hiring procedure when applying to Bid4Papers. The quality of the products the company provides is far above the standard thanks to the sublime competence of the writing staff. And so it was with the quality of my research paper in history. I was truly amazed at the mastery and English proficiency that the work featured,  and I therefore suspect that it was written by a native speaker.

I’d also like to emphasize the significance of the writer’s academic background.  I could easily tell that the author possessed strong working knowledge in history, particularly in the subject the paper dealt with — the Cuban Missile Crisis. The writer demonstrated exceptional sharpness in highlighting the subject matter and arguing the main point of the work. To cut the long story short, I was utterly delighted to have had such a bright and proficient writer as the author of my paper.

Accepting the Best Bid: The Innovative Payment System

Bid4Papers Review The Innovative Payment System

Score: 10/10

Now, it’s time to go back to the interesting system that Big4Papers uses where customers can assign the writer for their paper by themselves. The bidding system is all about the client-writer interaction mechanism: the client posts an order containing all the requisites and files attached and then waits for writers to offer their bid, which is the price they want for their work. This way, the client can choose the most appropriate writer among those who applied for the posted order.

I find this payment system highly convenient, for it allows you to pick the person to complete your task based on your own preferences and not on those of the company’s staff. As for the pricing policy the writers stick to, it’s quite acceptable. The prices they bid do differ, but they mostly don’t go beyond the range that’s affordable for people on a tight budget.

Customer Support

Score: 7/10

The performance of the support team wasn’t as impeccable as what I mentioned earlier. In general, they managed to provided the proper assistance like they’re supposed to, but my experience with Bid4Paper’s support center wasn’t seamless. The work of the support reps had some shortcomings that emerged due to the lack of commitment to customers, as far I can see.

Yes, the representative answered my e-mail quickly, but their letter suggested of rather distant treatment. The explanation to certain issues I had asked for was unreasonably succinct and lacking in detail. I guess the company should pay proper attention to fixing this minor yet noteworthy problem.

Drawing the Line

The online writing industry can play tricks on overly credulous people sometimes. However, it also features a great number of legit organizations that provide top-notch academic assistance and fully address the customers’ needs. It’s too bad that I happened to experience refined academic help only on my third attempt, with Bid4Papers, but now I at least know the criteria of a worthy writing service. From now on, I’m going to keep returning to Bid4Papers for their unparalleled academic assistance.

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  1. This Bid4Papers review reflects the tru way things are. This company employs rare professionals, but the prices are somewhat higher

  2. I ordered my paper here. I was pretty satisfied with my paper. It’s only that I forgot to mention one critical requirement when ordering. But when I received the paper, I contacted the support team and they were very considerate about my problem, passing my paper to the writer to make amendments.

  3. This Bid4Papers review seems to be written by a real client, not a fake one like they always do. The service pros know how to get it done properly

  4. I was astonished by the quality of my dissertation that I ordered from this writing company!!

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