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Essayedge Review: My “Bad Trip” Report

Overall Rating: 4/10

In today’s online writing industry, finding a legit service to order academic works from is definitely the most tricky and demanding challenge. And this is what made me take up writing this Essayedge review. The market features so many scam businesses and deceitful schemes that it’s hard to choose the right writing service in a reasonable and safe way. So was the case with me, a credulous user easily enticed by the fancy presentation of their website and ready to spend money on research paper editing. And, as the title of this review suggests, my experience with Essayedge wasn’t marked by a pleasant interaction, to say the least of it.

In this review, I’m going to reveal the lowdown on this mistakenly considered “prosperous” editing organization.

Essayedge Overview Overview

Only offering its clients editing services, Essayedge is largely distinctive from other businesses of the academic assistance industry. Unlike most, if not all, writing companies, Essayedge features no writing services, using editing and proofreading as its hooks to attract the clientele mainly comprised of idle students. At first sight, it might seem that the company would not have a stable income due to its relatively limited service range, but if you think of how huge the demand on these academic services is, this misleading impression will simply fade away. This company is most likely to make a good living through providing only these services and in a rather lousy way.

Editing the Editor’s “Art”

Score: 3/10

My Essayedge “bad trip” began with dreadful quality, a highly crucial aspect that any company is evaluated by in the first place. The quality of the text edit I received was far below standard. It demonstrated the editor’s severe lack of professionalism and skill to the extent of suggesting of the absence of their linguistic background. Their incompetence led them to rectify the correct text elements, evidently taking those text entities to be mistakes. As a result, I ended up straightening out the editor’s work, now being an editor myself. I’m sure I could’ve put up with that person’s insufficient knowledge of English which manifested itself in their failing to notice mistakes and correcting them. However, tolerating their faux editing was beyond the range of my capabilities.

Before this awful incident, I had no idea how infuriating the sharp contrast between what you pay and what you receive could be. But owing to Essayedge, I do admit that I now belong to the immeasurable clique of manic customers whose trust and faith were spit on by a deceitful company.

Looking for Support

Score: 4/10

The customer support center of Essayedge didn’t prove to be any better than its editing team. The performance of the support reps mirrored the lack of professionalism and proper regard of the entire company. Upon seeing the terrifying condition that my paper was in, I tried to contact the support center, but to no avail. The workers neither answered my calls nor replied to my e-mails, where I insisted they should give me a refund, and it took several days to get their response to my attempts to contact them. In their response letter, the workers were trying to pretend they didn’t get my point, intentionally evading to provide me with the answer concerning a refund. Lastly, I achieved some success with the support team when the workers agreed to provide me with a free revision.

Pricing Policy

Score: 2/10

The prices at Essayedge will indeed put you on the edge of total confusion. This policy not only contradicts the quality provided, but also conflicts with the strict rules of pricing that the writing industry adopts. The pricing policy of Essayedge is a roaring violation of the market standards, and I wonder why this hasn’t received the proper reaction from anti-monopoly organizations. Pricing Policy

The lowest price you can pay at Essayedge is $69, which covers the proofreading of your text. Can you imagine that? While most services won’t be as conceited as to charge this sum for essay writing, Essayedge goes as far as to ask the clients to pay it just for proofreading! I believe that there’s no need to  expound on this policy once you know the bottom of Essayedge’s pricing. So, you can use your imagination to think of what the top is.

My Verdict

Essayedge is a mediocre writing organization that has no respect for its customers hoping to receive qualified editing assistance from it. Its “experts” have a long way to go before they become true professionals in what they’re attempting to do now, still unsuccessfully. Being so inconsistent with a pricing policy that has nothing to do with the quality of the products delivered, Essayedge will rather gain the reputation of having a grandiose delusion than of reasonable self-esteem. For now, I can’t recommend Essayedge to users.

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  1. I will say that this Essayedge review is indeed transparent. The company has very little regard for its clientele and quite high one for itself. I order the proofreading of my thesis here and had to edit the work after the editor, just like the writer of this review did.

  2. I thought the company was the perfect choice, but I can now relate to the author of this Essayedge review

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