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EssayMama Review: Tricks the Service Uses

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Fitzgerald Abigale, abigale87

For more than five years, I have used lots of writing services. I know a lot of tricks that these services use to get ordinary people to buy much more than they need. Why is it profitable for services to make you use additional options like VIP support and proofreading from an editor? What are high prices for writing services and why should each writing service offer a money-back guarantee? These are questions you will learn about in this EssayMama review. I will also reveal secrets that this service tries to carefully hide from customers.


I decided to write this review because the information they present on their site doesn’t correspond to reality. In fact, such services just want your money and don’t care about your desires. If they lie and say that their service is the best, then the chance people will buy their papers is much higher.


Special attention should be paid to the quality of their papers. Almost all testimonials from customers that I have found say that the papers are written poorly. According to clients, the papers contain mistakes and are often formatted incorrectly. It is also not a coincidence that they deliver papers with plagiarism, as their writers don’t want to write papers from scratch. When you get a paper from them, you will want to throw it away as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how many tricks they use to attract new customers as the quality of their papers speaks for itself.

Free options you need to pay for

EssayMama Free options you need to pay for

Each time you place an order on EssayMama, you need to pay for services that should be given for free. So if you want your papers to be proofread or written by a good writer, you will need to pay more. I think that this isn’t right — the service should offer such options for free.

Prices in which customers pay more than they should

According to the pricing on the site, you will need to pay quite a bit more than on identical writing services. In terms of the kind of papers you can expect, the prices are too high, I think. Thus, according to my investigation, papers on EssayMama cost on average 30% more than papers on other writing services.

Discounts as a way to play with customers

Many of us like discounts no matter what types of services we use. The marketers of EssayMama know this, and they offer discounts to urge customers to order papers. And here is where the game begins, because if you get a discount, you will be more likely to buy a paper than without it. Customers would most likely pass the service by if there were no discounts.

Is EssayMama legit?

If you place an order on any type of writing service, it is good to know whether it is legit or not. When filling out the order form, you will indicate your contact information, and in most cases, it leads to a subscription to an advertisement newsletter. Your personal information is “legitimately” used (you yourself saw the terms and conditions) by EssayMama to find out much more about you than you can imagine. For example, they know what type of paper you usually buy. They see a list of your purchases, so it will not be difficult for them to guess what you would want to buy next. So, this is how they send you advertising with offers and discounts.

The illusion of different services

On any writing site, you will see lots of services provided. The fact is that these services are offered, but the quality you receive will be low. The effect of a wide range of services creates the feeling that the service is really professional. But in reality, such services as EssayMama can’t deal with difficult tasks such as dissertation writing properly.

Blog Review Blog

On may writing services, they offer blog pages. Their main task is to provide readers with helpful and interesting posts. It’s important to note that on EssayMama there is a blog that has not been updated for more than three years. You may have even noticed that posts in this blog are not written professionally. And this serves as an indicator of how their writers will work on your paper.


Another trick is telling customers that their writers are professional. But in reality, you can’t check whether the writer is a native English speaker and whether he or she possesses a degree or not. Only the completed paper will tell you whether a good writer wrote it or not. Unfortunately, the writers of EssayMama simply aren’t professional — and, in fact, they write bad papers.

EssayMama reviews and testimonials

The staff of EssayMama knows how to mislead customers with fake testimonials. However, I know that the testimonials presented on the site are not true as evidenced by the reviews and comments on the Internet. So, presenting fake testimonials doesn’t insure themselves against possible claims from customers who can leave them on other sites.


EssayMama says that they are the best choice so that customers forget their worries of dealing with cheaters. You simply shouldn’t believe the information presented on the site. They employ a variety of tricks to get you to buy papers, but you should know that you will receive a paper that won’t meet your expectations. Instead of receiving a high-quality paper, you will get a poorly written one. I think you don’t have a desire to get such a paper. Do not be swayed by their tricks — make the right decision.

I rate this service 4.1 out of 10. 

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  1. bought a paper here. It turned out that the writer inluded plagiarized content in the paper. Even though I received paper on time, I don’t like these lousy people…

  2. these all tricks are very annoying! And most importantly I know them and still get conducted on them sometimes. By the way it is written that they deliver 100% unique papers. This is not true here

  3. It seems to me that you don’t have to be Einstein to get it that writers of essaymama cannot write 100% original papers!!!

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