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Essaythinker: A Hate Story

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Fitzgerald Abigale, abigale87

My Rating: 5/10

It was my overwhelming life routine that prevented me from paying the proper attention to my academic assignments. I was freelancing as a copywriter and could barely come to grips with my studying mayhem. This led me to start looking for online academic assistance that is so widely applied for these days. I then stumbled upon Essaythinker, an unduly praised writing organization. They not only turned my customer experience into a total nightmare but also ruined my trust in the online writing industry henceforth.

Yes, on the one hand, I do realize that my dreadful experience with this company doesn’t necessarily mean that all other services of the niche exhibit the same disappointing performance. On the other hand, dealing with Essaythinker was so debilitating that I needed some time to recover before I could choose another service. And now, let’s plunge into reviewing this vanity-driven organization.

The Quality I Received

The quality of the products delivered is the cornerstone of a company’s performance and reputability. Therefore, this critical aspect should by treated with the highest regard by an organization. At Essaythinker, this fundamental principle of running a business successfully is totally neglected, as the research paper I received was brimming with startling shortcomings and discrepancies.

The most outstanding vice of my paper in biology was a terribly developed thesis statement, which demonstrated the writer’s insufficient academic background. And, since the thesis statement is the element that the entire work is built upon, messing it up results in a spoiled paper, as it has neither the main argument nor a concise pattern for highlighting the topic. Moreover, the writer’s English skills were far below the acceptable standards and resembled those of an intermediate learner rather than a writing pro who can create a fully fledged paper in my language.

How Fair Is the Pricing? How Fair Is the Pricing

The service’s negligence for its customers manifests itself in the pricing policy, too. The prices it sets are way over the line. Essaythinker disregards the common pricing culture that the writing industry has implemented and which is followed by most customer-oriented services. Thus, this organization proved that it had very little to do with commercial legitimacy and fairness. I was charged with quite a large sum for my order and, hoping to receive respective quality for it, didn’t even hesitate to splurge the money on my paper. And it wasn’t until I discovered how overestimated the image of Essaythinker was that I rushed to demand a refund, which I’m about to touch on in the next section.

Money-Back Guarantee Money-Back Guarantee

The company does feature a refund policy, but it’s developed in a rather deceitful and edgy way, and it seems that the staff adopts it only for show. The reimbursement rules at Essaythinker are designed only to work in the company’s favor, throwing customers off the trail. The refund policy doesn’t provide customers with the appropriate protection of their funds in the case of receiving a product of unsatisfactory quality, which was my own experience. For instance, if you’re not satisfied with the order delivered, you will be forced to undergo a number of tiresome procedures before they finally approve a refund for you. This was the case with me, and in the long run, I did manage to get the reimbursement of my money.

Privacy Policy

Perhaps, this is the only good thing about this service. Essaythinker turned out to implement a safe and modern privacy protection system, which is a tremendous perk of this company. Unlike many other narrow-minded companies following an outdated model of tending to customers’ private information, Essaythinker prevents its clients from filling in their personal data when proceeding through the order form. Here you don’t have to provide your full name, phone number, or e-mail address. I find such a privacy protection system a unique example of a company’s loyalty to its customers, and am upset to realize that the service is not consistent in its attitude to the customer when it comes to other aspects of the service.

Drawing the Line

Essaythinker is a third-rate organization providing services that have little in common with qualified and committed assistance. The company employs an unprofessional staff that lacks the proper understanding of how to communicate with the customer. Unfortunately, its fancy design and alluring language couldn’t compensate for the inadequate performance I happened to face.

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  1. I nearly sued them!! At first, they refused to give me back my money, so I wrote several e-mails requesting a refund. It took a couple of days for the staff to respond to me finally consenting to my conditions.

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