Essaytyper -Typing Out Nonsense Review

Essaytyper Review: Typing Out Nonsense

My Rating: 4/10

Modern technology solutions are widely lauded for offering users the most creative and efficient ways to handle their day-to-day challenges. Today’s cyberspace generates a bottomless number of features and options powered by ubiquitous artificial intelligence, just to please the spoilt web surfer of the digital age. In this Essaytyper review, I’m going to share my downright weird experience of dealing with one these smart tech products paired with the divergent thinking of adept IT geeks.

Essaytyper, the writing service I used to make my essay development process less troublesome, operates entirely on the wits of artificial intelligence — or as I like to call it, a “cyberbrain.” This crude novelty should be dealt with separately from other businesses of the writing industry, for it doesn’t offer complete academic assistance, being maintained chiefly by a neural network and not the boundless human intellect.

How Does Essaytyper Work, Then?

Though it has no human alternative, the service does manage to compose a paper for its users. It features a cleverly designed system that types the text for you as you repeatedly press any button on your keyboard, both virtual or physical one. I bet you’re now beginning to wonder how this “robot” creates the text and how it can possibly compose anything. The system automatically uploads the information from Wikipedia and inserts it in the writing form as you keep pressing your favorite keyboard buttons. This way, it succeeds in composing a logical, and plagiarism-laden, piece of writing.

It’s important to emphasize that this out-of-the-box project features no liveware — it has no writers or customer support workers; it gives no information on the whereabouts of the company’s office (maybe because there’s neither a company nor an office behind this supposed academic writing service); and, what’s most tempting yet most suspicious, Essaytyper charges nothing for providing its computer-generated services. This may stem from its cost-effective way of delivering writing assistance and the primitive functioning of the organization.

What Quality Does It “Type”?

As I stressed earlier, this peculiar writing platform uses Wikipedia articles as the text for its papers. So, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that the amount of plagiarism in your paper will break the limits and aggravate the already poor quality of the writing (if the text is developed by a smart machine, the aspect of satisfactory quality is beyond hope). Looking back at this extraordinary writing experience, I still can’t figure out why I resorted to using Essaytyper’s services. I suppose it was the severe lack of time and resources to get down to writing my paper that prompted me to try this tech-fueled “writer.”

How Supportive Is This “Ghost in the Shell”?

To set things straight right from the beginning, it’s important to emphasize that this service showcases no such thing as a customer support center. As Essaytyper’s performance comes down to a Siri-like bot copy-pasting the text from the web’s most frequently visited encyclopedia, the service owners don’t bother providing users with a customer support team typically featured by any conventional writing organization.

Essaytyper Review

The service’s support department is confined to a single contact link taking you to the founder’s Twitter page. Bay Gross, an astute yet somewhat screwy young man, has equipped the website with a form through which you can either thank the entrepreneur for his sharp solutions to your studying pains, or express your strong discontent with the service’s performance, questioning why such a deficient writing organization even exists.

My Verdict

Essaytyper is a creative but ill-conceived writing service that offers its users plagiarized content from outside sources. This organization can indeed be used for fun and for the sake of experimentation, but definitely not for receiving proper academic writing assistance by students hoping to get a top grade. For this reason I urge you to stay away from this unusual writing service.

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