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MasterPapers is a writing website that allows you to order different types of papers. The site looks quite good, but the service has hidden flaws that become apparent after using it. In this review for, I will consider these flaws and how they affect customers who are going to use this service.

The Convenience of Use

MasterPapers is a writing service like many others. The developers have created a strange menu — it requires a customer to make several actions before finding the information he or she needs. If you want to find the blog, for example, you need to scroll the page right to the bottom — it’s not convenient at all. Also, you can spend a lot of time searching the terms of use. For me, this site is not convenient to use.


  • MasterPapers allows you to order:
  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations
  • Term papers
  • Theses
  • Other assignments

The site focuses on dissertation help, which is something mentioned on the main page. Therefore, I tried to look for reviews on the internet from customers who used the service to get assistance with a dissertation. Each MasterPapers review I saw was negative, whether a customer bought a simple essay or got help with a dissertation. So, it helped me to understand that the services they offer are not of the best quality.


Ordering - MasterPapers

You need to know all of the assignment requirements to place an order on MasterPapers. They should be included in the order form, and the main difficulty here is that you may spend more time on it than you think. It takes a lot of time, and even after filling in the whole order form, you will still not be sure that you will get the paper you expect.


On the page with reviews, it is stated that most of the customers rate the service with five stars. However, you can see on the internet other reviews which are more truthful than those on the site. You will see that each review for MasterPapers is negative. I assume that some testimonials on the site are not written by real customers. Having so many false reviews makes MasterPapers a dishonest site  — you’d better trust another service.

Information about the Company

MasterPapers is a website on which you can’t find any information about the official address of the company. Even if you study the whole site in order to find where they are from, you will not find anything. On the site, it is said that their writers are from the UK and US, but you can’t check this information, and there is no information on their ratings, awards, or number of completed orders.


Prices - MasterPapers

On the site, they have a page with a list of prices. According to to the table above, I can say that the prices are rather high. What are these prices based on? For example, a high school paper written in a day will cost at least $14.49! Each price I see here doesn’t look affordable at all. You can find writing services which offer more reasonable prices for their services. There are so many possibilities — and you can order a quality paper at an average price. You should leave this site, and be confident that you can find more affordable papers elsewhere.


MasterPapers allows you to look at samples written by their writers. You can see that there is no sample for an essay. It is strange for me, because essays are one of the most popular types of papers that students order on writing services. I opened a book report sample and I didn’t like what I saw there. The service offers a poorly written sample that does not have a works cited section and has a weak structure. Each sample that I have seen there makes me think that their writers are not capable of writing decent papers.


The funny thing is that they have a separate page that claims they never cheat. Not all services can boast the fact that they are completely legal. The guarantees that MasterPapers offers on the site are obvious and all services have them — services such as the security of customers’ personal information, and providing unique papers. But what about a money-back guarantee? I believe it is the most important thing to offer when you are talking about cheating. Such an option is available on MasterPapers, but according to the reviews from customers, they don’t follow through with their claims. So, how could they talk about their crystal clear reputation if they don’t even offer a money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the service?


What is complete nonsense for me is that I couldn’t find information about their writers: I want to know where they are from, whether they have degrees, and how many papers they have written. If there is a need to choose a particular writer, you can forget about it. In addition, lots of testimonials show that their writers don’t seem so professional. My advice is to find a service that provides full information about its writers.


MasterPapers is not a good writing service if you want to receive a quality paper. A well-structured paper cannot be purchased there due to the complete lack of professional writers. The same factor affects the reputation of the service — lots of negative testimonials prove it. MasterPapers offers poor samples which show how their writers do their work. My recommendation is to avoid this site.

My rate for MasterPapers is 3.5 out of 10.

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  1. despite of me getting a F for their paper, they still refuse to give me a refund. I submitted 5 attachements, but only 2 of them were give to the writer, I found that out when I received a paper. I got from them only excuses.

  2. My essay was plagiarized. They didn’t refund me the full sum. ILLEgal site. I should be closed down!!!

  3. This service does NOT stand behind their product. When I pointed on grammatical mistakes, they said that they only gave the idea and that the paper is not meant to be a finished product. WHAT?? Scammers!

  4. I can surely say that they dont even have professional writers. I found it out after using this terrible service.

  5. it’s such a pitiful service. I couldn’t believe there is so unprofessional assistance. This master papers review is so true.

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