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MyAssignmentHelp Review: What I Found Out

The number of disadvantages in a writing service depends on how faithfully the staff cares about their work. I concluded that there are three main risk factors that contribute to a bad reputation: unprofessional writers, delays with delivery, and high prices. Simply put, no one wants to get help from such a service. I believe that the issues which I include in my MyAssignmentHelp review will help you to make the right decision. I cannot ignore these disadvantages.


It seems for me that the mission of MyAssignmentHelp is to destroy their reputation. Pretty quickly, I found out that this service is just not good. It’s not entirely clear why they write such bad papers. Thanks to the following review, you have a chance to avoid the problems I faced while using this site. You won’t be able to deny the truth of what I found after using this site.


This is one of the most irritating situations to arise while using the service: the papers are delivered with delays. Customers have already dubbed it the most annoying thing on MyAssignmentHelp. If you need to submit your essay on time, you should avoid services like this one. They are not capable of delivering papers on time.


Customers will noticed one interesting thing: instead of providing customers with quality papers, their experts write like high schoolers. As a result, the papers customers receive get bad grades. Lots of MyAssignmentHelp reviews talk about the unprofessional work of their experts. I recommend finding another service that hires only professional experts in their fields.


Instead of providing a small range of services with high quality, MyAssignmentHelp offers a broad range of services at the lowest quality. The creators of the site focused on the wrong thing — nobody will order a law essay if they know they won’t receive a good paper. They should know that quality plays a major role here.


MyAssignmentHelp Review Samples

As you can see, you can’t read the complete samples without indicating your e-mail on MyAssignmentHelp. I think this is a huge disadvantage because you can’t see how their writers complete papers, how they format references, and so on. It is not only unfair, but it also shows that they hide things from their potential customers. I believe that they should provide full access to the samples on the site.


Someone who plagiarizes in their papers cannot be called a professional writer. And it’s hard to disagree with this fact — the ability to write unique papers is a must for a writer. And besides, this helps to win over customers and often makes them popular. However, on MyAssignmentHelp, writers rather often plagiarize their papers. That’s why I advise you to use some other writing service that delivers only unique papers. Prices Review

I know for sure that their prices are higher than on other services. Seriously, I’m sure that many students are unable to afford using MyAssignmentHelp. I bet that if you place an order here, you will spend a lot of money. Also, the quality of their papers is out of sync with their high prices. If you want to save time, don’t be in such a hurry to use this service.


MyAssignmentHelp Review Testimonials

The site is full of fake testimonials. Surely you have seen at least several truthful comments about MyAssignemntHelp on the Internet. Before using the service, I advise you to surf the Web, because some testimonials will have you avoiding the site. Actually, if you are going to use any writing service, you need to know what other customers think about it first.


I promise you that you can’t find helpful posts on MyAssignmentHelp. Reading through those guides may not bring noticeable results in your writing. There are tips and tricks which are useful to know if you want to write a paper on your own. However, this site doesn’t write about those kinds of writing secrets. Moreover, their posts are poorly written.

Free Revisions

We all want to be sure we’ll receive a paper that will meet our expectations while using a writing service. That’s why free revisions are needed on each site. I tried to use such an option on MyAssignmentHelp and found that the writer couldn’t correct mistakes that he made in the paper. This upset me a lot. I tried to explain several times how I wanted the paper, and none of my requirements were implemented.

Money-back Guarantee

Providing a money-back guarantee is a smart decision. It is reasonable because some customers will most likely not be satisfied with the final papers or the service as a whole. Unfortunately, according to numerous testimonials, MyAssignmentHelp often refuses to refund money in situations when a customer is not satisfied the paper. I encourage each of you to use other writing services if a money-back guarantee is important to you.


It turns out that the service can’t provide customers with quality papers. MyAssignmentHelp has not earned a good reputation, and thanks to their work, they will not reach great heights in the field of academic writing. They ask for high prices, even knowing that their help is of low quality. They should keep in mind that no one will want to buy an essay at a high price. They have to change their attitude toward their work. They should help everyone who is in great need of it, but do it professionally. I hope they will take into consideration my advice and improve their work.

I rate the service 5 out of 10. 

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