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PayForEssay Review: The Most Important Information about the Service

I love to use writing services that can write me quality papers at affordable prices. I have used many writing sites. Anything can happen while using them, and often little things that you don’t even think about before finding a site can save a lot of stress and money. Today, in this PayForEssay review, I will share with readers my experience, tips, and tricks that will help you feel more safe while using this service.

A few words about safety

They say it is completely safe to use this service and that they always care about customers’ confidentiality. However, there is no evidence that they stick to such guarantees. You can buy a paper here, but then get lots of unnecessary spam in your e-mail. Moreover, if you want to keep private the fact that you have used a writing service, you’d better find another option. That will help save your time and money as well.


In this review, it is important to talk about the delivery. No one wants to receive a paper after the deadline. It seems for me that on this site, delivery is a completely uncontrolled process. You may receive your paper several days after the deadline. You won’t even have time to submit your essay, because it will be too late. Moreover, they will not return your money back for late delivery. If you want to receive your paper on time, you need to choose another writing service. Prices Review

To reduce the risk of wasting money and dealing with sad consequences, I advise you to use other writing services. It is almost “robbery” because they deliver papers that aren’t even worth $0.01, but you will end up emptying your pockets for them. If I knew about this at the beginning when using PayForEssay, I would not have to rewrite my paper, in addition to dealing with the stress caused by such an unfortunate situation.

I don’t even want to talk about the fact that their prices are too high. No matter what type of paper you will buy here, you will spend a lot. What do you do in such a situation? Well, firstly, it’s better to not use PayForEssay. If you have already placed an order and are calmly waiting for a paper — you have nothing to do now. However, there are lots of writing services that offer writing help at affordable prices. But of course, PayForEssay is not one of them.

PayForEssay prices review


Everything can happen while using a writing service — from late delivery to paying more than you expect. But the worst thing that can happen is receiving a bad paper. This may lead to serious consequences that no student wants to have. You won’t get a high grade for a poorly written paper. If you read not only this review for, but look at customers’ testimonials as well, you will see that they often deliver awful papers to clients. There are writing services where you will not face with such troubles.


Writers who are knowledgeable in different areas should always be on a team at a professional writing service. I decided to see how their writers write papers, but it went a bit unsuccessfully. I have to admit that the writer who wrote my paper knew nothing about the topic. The paper demonstrated how unprofessional their writers are. It is important that if you have an assignment that should be written perfectly, don’t use PayForEssay.


It’s a well-known fact that all writing services should deliver completely unique papers. When you receive a plagiarized paper, the only thing you want to do is throw it away. Unfortunately, PayForEssay doesn’t always send unique papers. You will have to find another writing service to receive an original paper.

Money-back guarantee

In cases when a customer doesn’t like the completed paper, the service should return the money. PayForEssay says that they offer such an option. If you look at customers’ testimonials, you will conclude that they actually refuse to refund money. If you prefer to use a safe writing service and be sure that you will get your money back in case you don’t like their work, you need to find another writing service.

Samples Review - Samples

On the site, you can find samples. By the way, the samples can give a clear understanding about how their writers write papers. A good writing service will not show poorly written samples. The main requirements for them is to be written in a particular format, without mistakes, and with a good structure. If you look at samples on PayForEssay, you will see that they are written really badly. They indicate that your paper will probably be written in the same manner as well. So, maybe the right decision would be to avoid this site.


There can be all sorts of options, from bad writing services to the best ones. I think that PayForEssay relates to the first category. I will not advise services or help you with finding an alternative, but at least now you know what service to avoid. When you are assigned a paper to write, you should remember that here it won’t be written in the way it should be. It won’t be unique or well structured. Moreover, you may receive it with a great delay. By the way, if you have used this service, share your opinion in the comments below.

My rating for this service is 4.3 out of 10.

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  1. I read this payforessay net review and realized that this service is not good at all. THNKS

  2. using this service caused lots of troubles to me. It seems betters than it actually turns out. My paper was written really really badly. I don’t advise you to use it…

  3. when I thought about how dangerous it is to use this site, I found this review, is now in my black list

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