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The Full PremierEssay Review of Their Work

The other day, I used PremierEssay. Even before I used it, the service had set an absolute record in receiving negative feedback. It is curious that almost all testimonials say that their papers look terrible. I carefully watched all customers’ comments and also used this service myself. I decided to write about this service and at the same time warn you about the possible consequences of using services like this one.

Is PremierEssay legit?

From the very beginning, PremierEssay has shown that they don’t care about customers’ needs. They can’t even approach having a good reputation because the sell bad papers. They often send papers with plagiarism, and it is forbidden for students to submit papers which are not unique. As a result, I believe this service is not legit at all.

PremierEssay location

On PremierEssay, you can find information that their location is in Cyprus, but in reality this company is based in Ukraine. The funny thing about the address that is presented on the site is that if you search it in Google Maps, it turns out that their location is at Coral Beach Hotel & Resort. Not a bad place to work, right?


As I have already mentioned, PremierEssay often delivers papers with plagiarism. For the sake of getting a unique paper, you’d better find another service. A plagiarized paper will bring you a lot of trouble in your college or university. You can prevent these difficulties by not ordering from this site.


You can find the prices that PremierEssay has listed for their services. If the average prices for papers are not familiar to you, then I must say to you that the prices on this site are quite high. I want to persuade you against using this site, as you will needlessly spend a lot here. On the Internet, you can find lots of writing services that offer their help at more reasonable prices. Prices

Security and Privacy

Buying papers on writing services should be as secure as possible. I’m not quite sure that using PremierEssay will be safe for you. While placing an order, you need to include your e-mail and phone number. This personal information can be used for their purposes. You will never know whether you will get unnecessary spam or calls, or whether your personal info will be passed to third parties or not.


When I started to read testimonials on PremierEssay, I began to understand that they are fake. It didn’t take much to find truthful feedback on the Internet. In reality, customers who have used this site remain dissatisfied with the service. I noticed that the main complaints were about the quality of papers, late delivery, and high prices.

PremierEssay Review Testimonials

Money-back Guarantee

The next thing I want to talk about in my PremierEssay review is the money-back guarantee. It is really important for customers to be sure that they will get their money back if something goes wrong while using the service. PremierEssay offers such an option, but lots of customers say that they simply refuse to give their money back in controversial situations.


After using this service, I came to the conclusion that their writers are not professional at all. The reason is that my paper was written quite badly. I immediately noticed that the writer didn’t research the topic and has no knowledge in it. Moreover, I found a lot of mistakes in the paper, and that is even more upsetting. By the way, I think they hire non-native English speakers.


You can easily find samples on PremierEssay. After looking them through, I began to realize that they don’t care about what visitors may think about their work. I noticed that they are written rather poorly, just like my paper. I think that those samples will not attract new customers to their site. They show that their writers can’t do a good job.


There is a blog on PremierEssay, but it has only three posts! Moreover, the blog has not been updated for more than three years. You will not find any notable or helpful posts there. Unlike many other writing services that present useful material for students, this site does not provide anything. So, the service does not try to help students, and they only want you to spend money there.


On-time delivery is a useful thing: it helps to make customers believe that the writer is responsible and able to write papers quickly. Customers do not tire of sharing their opinion about PremierEssay, and from their testimonials, you can learn that they deliver papers with delays. I admire the ability of some writers to deliver papers on time, but unfortunately, there is nothing to admire here.


From customers’ testimonials and my own experience on the site, I have come to a stark conclusion. Every second customer is upset by the quality at which PremierEssay provides. I myself managed to use this service and absolutely agree with these customers’ opinions. I do not recommend anyone to use this writing service.

It seems like their writers are not ready to provide academic writing help. And this is all because they hire ordinary people who don’t possess a good command of English. Their writers are considered some of the worst in the writing market. I believe that this service will not be in demand if they don’t change their attitude toward their work.

I rate this service 4.5 out of 10.

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