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ProPapers Review: Are There Any Pros?

My Rating: 4/10

The experience I had with ProPapers, an allegedly reputable writing organization, was marked by total disappointment. It’s very often that we face a severe contrast between what is claimed and what is proven to be. And my dealing with ProPapers was just another example of this abject inconsistency. In this ProPapers review, I’ll share the bitterness and hassle I had to go through when being ProPapers’s customer.

But what prompted me to write these revelations of an angry client was raising awareness of the escalating problem of scams and deceitful practices in the online writing industry. So here I am, getting the whole struggle I experienced with ProPapers off my chest and warning you from being cheated by this pompous writing service.

The Quality These “Pros” Offer You

About 80% of my hatred for this service is a result of the quality I received from it. It looked like my custom essay in English realism was hastily developed by some 10th grade cheerleader having no understanding of the discipline nor the academic writing standards. The writer ignored a number of requirements I had provided and adopted their own dubious manner of composing an essay. What also made me freak out was their unprofessional way of dealing with the main point of my paper, which was scantly highlighted and poorly investigated.

As for the English proficiency of that writer, it was rather repulsive. The writer lacked the proper sense of my language, employing odd grammatical constructions and some incongruous words that didn’t fit the context. They either used rudimentary sentence structure or attempted some sophisticated tone of voice, which never worked the right way. To cut a long story short, the degree of English proficiency that the writer possessed was unacceptable for developing a paper meant to be written with a native speaker’s English.

How Timely Is the Delivery? Review - Delivery

Despite stating so confidently that it delivers products on time, ProPapers failed to meet the deadline I had set. When it was just two days left before the due date, the company’s representatives contacted me to inform that they wouldn’t be able to send my order as had been previously agreed. This news simply left me speechless, and I started confronting the reps by reminding them that I specifically emphasized the importance of meeting the deadline, which was followed by their solid promise to fulfill my request.

But the staff representative kept babbling about a deadline extension and that it was impossible to complete the order as agreed. Deeply frustrated, I had no choice other than to come to terms with this extremely negligent and incompetent attitude on the part of the service and accept their “super-convenient” solution.

Are You Safe with ProPaper?

Notwithstanding ProPaper’s careless treatment of customers, which manifests itself in the aspects I covered earlier, the privacy policy it adopts is quite favorable. The privacy system of ProPaper is indeed secure and innovative, making the customer’s experience smooth and reliable in terms of privacy protection. As I proceeded with the order form, the system didn’t require me to provide my personal data such as full name, phone number, or e-mail address. Though unhappy with the terrible performance of the team working on my order, I was pleased to find that there’s at least one thing about ProPapers that’s worthy of admiration.

Are the Prices Reasonable? Review - Prices

Here we go again. Leaving the good impression of their privacy policy behind, here I will express another portion of outrage about the service. The prices this company has set are way out of range of the adequate principles of pricing norms. And this pricing violation is based not only on the sharp conflict of the prices and quality here, but also the fact that the prices at ProPaper even contradict the common standards that the online writing industry has adopted for ages.

My Verdict

ProPaper is a substandard writing organization that provides low-quality services. Employing flamboyant and catchy language to entice users to place an order, the company still proves to be a mediocre service in reality. And no matter how beneficial its privacy policy may be, I can’t call it a reputable business that’s worth the splurge. For this reason, I’m urging you to keep searching for something more reliable instead of ending up ripped off by this ambitious bunch of pseudo-experts.

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  1. This Propapers review is something you would want to trust. I had a similar experience with these con men ((((

  2. I order my research paper here. Waited for a couple of days for their humiliating response after asking for a refund. I did manage to get my money bad but the impression they made on me gives me the creeps!

  3. The quality of my paper was infuriating! Just like that of the author of this Propaper review

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