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A Detailed SuperiorPapers Review for Each Student

In today’s SuperiorPapers com review, I’ll talk about SuperiorPapers, which offers writing help to students. To tell you the truth, I don’t think this site is good enough if you are looking for quality papers. It’s just suitable for students who need writing help, and I am going to show you why.

Detailed Superiorpapers Review



This site claims that it is perfect for students who need top-quality essays. But after I carefully examined this site and read through some superiopapers customer reviews, I understood that they don’t live up to their statements. The service will not help you quickly solve a writing problem, as  they often miss the deadline. And if you are not ready to spend a lot of money, then don’t use this site. If you already have used this service, then share your experience with us below in the comments.

The Main Disadvantages of SuperiorPapers

There are many good writing services. Let’s see why SuperiorPapers isn’t among them.

  1. Poor-quality samples. The samples presented on the site give a clear understanding that their writers are not able to write decent papers.
  2. Prices. Their prices are not affordable. If you decide to use this service, you should keep in mind that you will have to spend a lot.
  3. Deadlines. It is common that their writers miss deadlines. I saw a superior papers review where a girl said she received her paper two days after the deadline.
  4. Large, overly complicated order form. You will spend a lot of time filling in the order form and specifying all of the requirements.
  5. Inability to choose a writer. On this site, you can’t choose the writer you want — they will be assigned automatically.
  6. Fake testimonials. I believe each Superiospapers com review on this site is fake, because other reviews on the internet are simply negative.
  7. There is no information about their writers. On this site, I couldn’t find any info about what writers work there, their ratings, or where they are from.
  8. By the way, let’s talk in more detail about their writers.


I think each customer would like to know who is going to work on their paper. Moreover, I would like to be able to check the ratings and total completed papers of each writer. On this site, you simply do not know whether the writer has a good command of English or not. Thus, I would choose other writing services where you can choose the writer you want.


Prices - Superiorpapers

As you can see, the prices here are not affordable. For example, for a high school paper written the next day, you need to pay at least $29.99! The prices here are not reasonable, especially if we’re talking about the quality of the papers in question. You can find sites that provide good papers at affordable prices elsewhere, so there is no reason to stay here.


Ordering - Superiorpapers

At this point, I will talk about the disadvantages of ordering from SuperiorPapers. So, here’s why ordering on this site is not convenient:

It takes a lot of time to fill in an order form. On the image above, you can see only one of the three steps. So, you can imagine how long it takes to do all of the requirements.

You need to pay extra money for proofreading. This is quite suspicious — I expect to receive a paper without mistakes at no additional cost. What will I get if I don’t choose the additional proofreading option? Who knows.

There is a risk of getting bombarded with spam in your email. The order form requires you to mention not only your full name and email, but your phone number as well. Why do they need my phone number?

Money-Back Guarantee

Serious writing services always provide customers with a money-back guarantee. In some situations, when a customer is not satisfied with the paper and revisions don’t help, it is necessary to get a refund. The SuperiorPapers service doesn’t offer this option, and it is a huge drawback to ordering here. If you are sure of the quality of your work, you would provide such an option.


When choosing services on this website, you need to take into account one thing: essays are easier to deal with than research papers. So, even if you ordered a simple essay on a writing service and it was passable, a research paper will not necessarily be of the same quality. I know that the writers on SuperiorPapers write essays of poor quality, so naturally, other types of papers will face a similar fate.


In my opinion, SuperiorPapers is far from the top writing services in the market. It is a surprise for me that they are still present among other writing companies, because their work is of poor quality. The number of negative reviews and testimonials is huge, which allows me to make a conclusion: the service is simply not worth using. The quality of their work is low — the staff are not capable of providing students with quality papers. Your chance of receiving a paper that will get a good grade is almost nonexistent.

I rate this service a 4 out of 10.

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  1. If you are looking for the worst writing service ever, this site is what you need. It became clear to me after I received a literature essay from them. It was written poorly and the revisions didn’t change the situation. So, if you need good writing help, look sowhere else.

  2. After reading your superiorpapers review, I decided to look for other reviews. All I can say is thank you for Warning!

  3. Ordered a paper there, but couldn’t get in touch with a writer. Unfortunately I received a paper with lots of mistakes.

  4. I just got my first essay from them and I don’t like it at all. In addition a price was really high for me

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